Janet Basis

This site showing our progress in research of computing Janet and Groebner bases of complicated polynomial systems. Go to specific pages to see the current results.

Project Ginv must be associated with Blinkov U.A and Gerdt V.P.. So please, address all questions about it to them.

29.07.2011 Added page Groebner and Involutive Bases Computation in Maple.
17.07.2006 Due to malicious users that repeatetly tried to compute cyclic8 example on our lesser server we shutdown online computation of bases (I hope this is temporary decision).
25.05.2006 GINV page added
13.02.2006 Some new and not so new papers added.
04.05.2005 Fellow project GINV now have an updated manuals and files in "Downloads" section.
17.01.2005 New page - "Integer results on Opteron's". New competitor - famous F4 algorithm by J.C.Faugere in Magma CAS.
25.10.2004 New page - "Criteria test". It seems, that having full compatibility in case of criteria with Groebner is not so good, as one may think.
20.08.2004 Finally I managed to move our server to new hardware. Welcome! P.S. Soon there will be new timings on 2xOpteron-242. Just wonderfull!
02.08.2004 Added documentation for new project Groebner INVolutive. With all questions appeal to Blinkov U.A and Gerdt V.P.
30.01.2004 Added form for online computation of SMALL (please :)) examples. Thanks to Korol A.V. and me...
06.08.2003 Added download section with latest versions of our programms.
25.11.2002 Finally our papers is arranged in chronological order. 1 paper is added.

Coming soon:
\bibitem entries for all papers.
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