The SymbolicData META Table

The SymbolicData META table contains the data type definitions of all tables, i.e., specifies all known attributes of all tags for each table.

Tables are defined recursively according to the structure of this directory. Each record in the META directory defines the attributes of a tag of the 'Root' table. These tag definitions are inherited by all tables. Records in a subdirectory META/Dir define additional tags for the table Dir. This applies also recursively to subdirectories of META/Dir.

See MetaConcepts for more details.

Subdirectories of this kind:
BIB/Table for bibliography entries
CAS/General descriptions of Computer Algebra Software
CASCONFIG/Configurations of Computer Algebra Software to run benchmark computations
COMP/Descriptions of computations
COMPREPORT/Reports of benchmark computations
GEO/Solutions of problems from mechanized geometry theorem proving.
INTPS/Polynomial systems with integer coefficients
MACHINE/Data of machines that run benchmarks computations
PERSON/Persons who contributed to SymbolicData
PROBLEMS/More detailed background and comments on different problems

Records of this kind: