The SymbolicData Documentation

The SymbolicData documentation is divided into two parts - the "every day" information required to use SymbolicData tools and data in practical applications and more conceptual explanations that you will read only once (okay, twice). The former information is scattered over several subdirectories of the Html directory (that may be customized with the -html_dir option). The latter is contained in the Concepts directory.

See the DocuConcepts for more details about the principles and tools to set up SymbolicData documentation.

A Raw Guide Through the Documentation

Content More about ... Relevant Html Subdirectory
All Records ... Records Data
All Meta tables ... Meta tables Data/META
All Type definitions ... the Type system Data/TYPES
All SQL tables ... the SQL interface Data/SQL
Practical hints, FAQs etc   Documentation/HowTo
Descriptions of all Modules
and Functions therein
... the Module structure Documentation/Modules
  ... the main program symbolicdata Documentation/symbolicdata
Descriptions of all Actions ... Actions Documentation/Actions
Descriptions of all Options ... Options Documentation/Options
  ... Computations