The SymbolicData Project - A Short Overview

Main goals

The SymbolicData Project started with two main goals:

  1. to unify efforts of several people to develop Perl tools for management of digital symbolic data from different areas of Computer Algebra. These tools are ready for download, useful and easily adapted for special benchmark purposes at a local site.
  2. to provide a central repository of digital benchmark data from different areas of Computer Algebra.
The alpha release 0.4 (March 2001) contains Benchmark results are available upon request from Olaf Bachmann.

The central repository is located at To contribute data to the repository or to join the SymbolicData Group please contact the current project maintainer.

The SymbolicData Tools

The SymbolicData Tools are designed to meet three different goals:
  1. to systematically collect and maintain digital benchmark data arizing in various areas of Computer Algebra.

    The Data is stored in a data base complying a XML-like syntax that easily may be extended and adapted. The SymbolicData Tools together with the flexibility of the Perl language allow to store, extract, combine, select, modify, present etc. Data with various objectives in a unified way.

    The standard interface program symbolicdata can be used for the most common operations without Perl knowledge.

  2. to facilitate trusted benchmark computations on the collected Data.

    The SymbolicData Project provides concepts and tools to extract data from the data base in a form readable by different Computer Algebra Software, to set up, start, time, interrupt, and monitor computations on these input data, and to collect, analyse, and evaluate output data from these computations.

    We already designed several tools for a benchmark Compute environment, but this part of the project is yet under development.

  3. to provide tools to access, select, translate and present data in different formats.

    This part of the project is rudimentary. SymbolicData temporary provides a rudimentary Html Interface for test purposes and an interface to SQL-compliant databases.