Downloading and Installing SymbolicData


You may download the tools, data and documentation of SymbolicData as a zipped Tar-file SymbolicData.tgz (the current official alpha release 0.4) from

An (instable) working version is available either from the CVS repository (project members only) or as zipped Tar-file SD-new.tgz.


To work with the tools of SymbolicData you must have Perl version 5 (or higher) installed on your system.

To install the SymbolicData software and data, run GNU tar

tar -xzf SymbolicData.tgz

This will create a directory SymbolicData with several subdirectories containing the Perl tools, data, documentation and presentations sources of the SymbolicData project.

Set the environment variable SD_HOME to that directory, change to it and run GNU make

gmake all
to create the HTML documentation from their sources. This is also a first test for the SymbolicData tools to be properly installed.

To work with the tools of SymbolicData the environment variable SD_HOME must be set in the same way. For some features you need also Singular and MuPAD to be installed on your system.

See the SymbolicData/README file for further details.

Mailing List

We set up a mailing list to discuss all aspects of the project and inform about new developments. Due to the small traffic we did not (yet) divide the list into 'info' and 'developer' lists.

Please send contributions, comments and questions about SymbolicData to that list.

To subscribe the list send an email to with body

subscribe symbolicdata
You will be asked for email confirmation (to validate your email address) and then automatically added to the list.


The copyright of SymbolicData owns the SymbolicData Project Group. The software and data produced within the project may be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License, a copy of which is provided in the file SymbolicData/COPYING. We ask kindly to inform us about such activities.

If you use SymbolicData in preparation of a scientific publication, please cite it as follows:

   key	  = {SymbolicData},
   title  = {The SymbolicData Project},
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