The SymbolicData Project

Tools and Data for Computer Algebra Benchmarks

Welcome to the start page of the SymbolicData Project documentation.

The SymbolicData project is set out to develop concepts and tools for Computer Algebra Benchmarks and to collect relevant data from different areas of Computer Algebra. Tools and data are designed to be used both on a local site for special benchmark purposes and to manage a central repository at

Aim and Features of the
SymbolicData Project
Details about Design
Decisions and Concepts
All about the Modules,
Actions, Functions, and Options
All about Meta
Table Definitions
The Web Interface
to the Data Collection
(A stub to the forthcoming)
Collection of Benchmarks
Sources and Data
for a local installation
Papers and Presentations
about SymbolicData
Maintenance, Support,

To use our tools you need Perl 5 to be installed on your computer. But the SymbolicData data collection can easily be extended to other benchmark suites and also to other areas of Computer Algebra without or with minor knowledge of Perl programming.

SymbolicData is developed by different people joined together in the SymbolicData Project Group. We kindly acknowledge support by several institutions.

The SymbolicData tools and data are available for download under the terms of the GNU Public License. For the most up to date information and software please visit our home page at

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