example: boon
description: TITLE : neurofysiology, posted by Sjirk Boon
There are only 8 finite solutions for general values of the constant terms. It can be proved that it is equivalent to a quadrature formula problem, so that there is only one solution upon symmetry.
The system has been posted to the newsgroup sci.math.num-analysis by Sjirk Boon.
P. Van Hentenryck, D. McAllester and D. Kapur: `Solving Polynomial Systems Using a Branch and Prune Approach' SIAM J. Numerical Analysis, Vol. 34, No. 2, pp 797-827, 1997.
g2 s2 g1 s1 C2 C1 g1 s1 g2 s2 C1 C2 s2 g2 s1 g1 C2 C1 s1 g1 s2 g2 C1 C2
-s1 s2 -g1 g2 -C1 C2 s1 -s2 g1 -g2 C1 -C2
system: Polynomial
variables: c1 > c2 > g1 > g2 > s1 > s2
equations: 0 1 2 3 4 5
length of Janet-like basis: 12
length of Janet basis: 12
length of Gröbner basis 12
Hilbert polynomial: 8
Strategy: degJ highJ lowJ degJL highJL lowJL