example: cohn2
description: TITLE : cohn2, modular equations for special algebraic number fields
From PoSSo test suite.
Andre' Galligo and Carlo Traverso: "Practical Determination of the dimension of an algebraic variety", in E. Kaltofen and S.M. Watt, Eds "Computers and Mathematics", pages 46-52, 1989.
H. Cohn: "An explicit modular equation in two variables and Hilbert's Twelfth problem", Math. of Comp. 38, pp. 227-236, 1982.
H. Cohn, J. Deutch: "An explit modular equation in two variables for Q[sqrt(3)]", Math. of Comp. 50, pp. 557-568, 1988.
system: Polynomial
variables: x > y > z > t
equations: 0 1 2 3
length of Janet-like basis: 29
length of Janet basis: 33
length of Gröbner basis 23
Hilbert polynomial: 4s^2 + 6s - 1
Strategy: degJ highJ lowJ degJL highJL lowJL